Dear Friends,

It is with gratitude that we reach out to you today. Thank you for your ongoing support of our work to connect individuals and families with the food resources they need. 

As we head into the darkest days of the year, a rapid increase in COVID-19 cases, and what we know will be more lost jobs, we ask for your focus to not just be on this holiday season. The impact of this pandemic will have lasting and significant impact throughout the new year, particularly for those experiencing food insecurity. 

And so, however, wherever, with whoever you are giving thanks this year . . . we hope you will consider extending the good will of the season into a year-long commitment to end hunger in our region.


How can we challenge others to fight hunger beyond the holidays?

Each year during the holiday season, many individuals and families are able to enjoy the seasonal festivities without being concerned about where their next meal is coming from. Many food secure families and individuals spend the holidays donating to food assistance organizations, just like the Coalition. We have to remember that hunger lasts longer than the holidays. Coalition Team members offer these ways that they are challenging themselves to end hunger beyond the holidays.  

I will find ways to support our small, but mighty team of Hunger Fighters, including our staff, volunteers, and board members. And I will explore ways to increase access to food in my new neighborhood of East Falls.

- Melody Keim, Executive Director


I will look up my elected officials, as well as share this link with friends and family, and commit to reaching out to let them know that I want them to put fighting hunger high on their list of priorities for 2021. (The link will provide you a full list of federal, state, and local elected officials based on your address.)

- Kathy Fisher, Advocacy Director


I will ask my family and friends to sign-up for the Coalition Against Hunger’s Advocacy Alerts so they will have the most up-to-date information on policies affecting those at risk for food insecurity.  In addition, I will challenge them to reach out to their elected officials at least four times during the year to show their support for anti-hunger legislation.

- Tanya Sen, Community Nutrition Program Manager

A lot of people might see it as work, but for us here at the Coalition is not just our job, this is our passion, mission, and goal to make sure that everyone that call our SNAP hotline gets the help and assistance they need. Sharing the Hotline number with all of your family, friends and neighbors this holiday is how we can all challenge hunger in our community.

-Alejandra Dominguez, SNAP Case Manager

Without SNAP, people will not eat. It's just that simple. Children are the most vulnerable to food insecurity because breakfast, lunch and dinner are less likely to be served due to a family's decreased income. I challenge us all to share that information, so people can understand that they can join the anti-hunger movement all year long, not just for the holidays.

-Claire Richardson, SNAP Hotline Counselor

I will continue to educate our partners about the hidden rules of poverty and how to use those rules to communicate with those who  are struggling to make ends meet. I will continue working with our VIP'S (pantries / soup kitchens) partners on ways to find more resources to help serve their communities that are struggling with food insecurity.

-Derek Felton Community Organizer


I will ask our volunteers, supporters, staff as well as my family and friends to help the Coalition Against Hunger educate people on one of the root causes of food insecurity—the lack of access to quality, affordable food. I will ask them to join me in the Spring and participate in the SNAP Challenge, which provides a view of the struggle to obtain adequate food that is faced by millions of low-income Americans. I will challenge them to share their experience virtually (via posted videos) to show others what they learn from the experience. Stay tuned for details... 

- Michele Lofton, Development Director

I will engage my friends and family in an honest conversation about the reality of food insecurity. With so many people facing food insecurity due to COVID-19, it’s past time to break the stigma that too often accompanies the experience of food insecurity. Experiencing food insecurity is NOT a personal failure and we need to talk widely about the structural barriers and challenges that cause it.

- Katie Milholin, Community Educator



I would challenge my family and friends to learn about food assistance resources, organizations and volunteer opportunities that are in their neighborhoods and communities. Once those resources are identified, I’d encourage them to share the information with their own contacts, also asking that they motivate their network to share the info again with their network. The more we all know, the more prepared we are to make hunger preventable.

- Antonio Boone, Communications Coordinator




Our neighbors at Penn’s View Hotel have partnered with us this Holiday season to design some #HungerFighter swag! 100% of the proceeds will benefit the Coalition Against Hunger. Don't wait too long to purchase these amazing gifts, the deadline to buy is December 9th!


This #BlackFriday when you shop, consider donating a portion of your purchase to the Coalition Against Hunger.

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  • Under charity search type: Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger and select our organization.
  • That's it! Thank you for helping us fight hunger!

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